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Tara Johnson-Medinger

Tara Johnson-Medinger is a Director/Producer living in Portland, Oregon. She is the Producer of the feature film CITY BABY and two feature documentaries ROCK N ROLL MAMAS, and THE WINDING STREAM as well as two short films: WORKING LUNCH and THE MUSICIANER. Her most recent production and her directorial debut, MY SUMMER AS A GOTH is currently showing in festivals internationally.

Tara is the Executive Director of The Portland Oregon Women’s Film Festival (POWFest) and the POWGirls Media Education Program. She served on the founding board of directors of the Women in Film Portland Chapter and was awarded the 2013 Service & Inspiration Award by the Oregon Media Production Association. Before moving to Portland, she was a manager of affiliate promotion at the FOX Broadcasting Company in Los Angeles. Through her production work as well as POWFest, Tara wants to promote and create new opportunities for women filmmakers.